Sample Essay

The condition of women in Africa in the past and present is characterized by the discrimination and inferiority which they have been facing and they have been treated as second class citizens. The women; like Funmilayo Ransomekuti, Queen Amina, Igbo women of Aba who have fought for the rights of women;  in African history and mythology must have realized the unchangeable pattern of the patriarchal society that served the interests of men only. The women and men were assigned the complementary roles in the pre-colonial era in Africa.

If we take the work of Coetzee to discuss the role of women in his novel ‘Disgrace’, which is a social commentary from the point of view of a white African, it comes to light that no other character was treated as trivially as the female characters (Melaine Isaacs and Lucy). The novel is set in Post Colonial South Africa. The place where David Lurie teaches at Cape Town University College is shown as to reflect modified Africa and the changes in Lurie’s life also reflect the atmosphere of South Africa which is changed politically and socially. The point of importance is that in the novel the women are presented as the object of infatuation without having any intellectual role. Lurie looks at women as body without mind or heart. It is the ‘company of women’ that had made Lurie a ‘lover of women’ and a ‘womanizer’ (Coetzee).

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