Sample Essay

The purpose of the study in question was to examine the effects of Johrei healing on a selected group of 21 individuals who were receiving treatment for substance abuse. The treatment was directed towards targeting towards the decreasing spirituality of the individuals taking part in the study. It cites the positive effects of other programs such as the 12 step as bases for the improvement to the physical and mental wellbeing of these individuals that Johrei can provide (Brooks, Schwartz, Reece & Nangle, 2006). In order to analyze and critique this study, two other similar studies will be employed and compared.

One of these studies is one which examines the effect of drumming circles as a part of various counseling approaches at different treatment centers. Except for the pilot study the author does not conduct any research personally. Instead he draws upon studies done by other individuals providing details of how this form of alternative therapy leads to the psychological improvement of drug addicts at various institutions (Winkelman, 2003).

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