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Sample Essay

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the largest commercial airline services in the US. The airline is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and has Honolulu International Airport as it main hub. The company has more than 3500 employees and operates fleet of 33 aircraft to connect Honolulu with other cities in Hawaii, Western US and South Pacific countries through 190 daily flights. Hawaiian Airlines mostly operate medium body aircrafts which include Boeing 737 and 717 aircrafts.

The company also shares code with other airlines and has alliances with American Airlines, Continental Airlines in the US and Korean Airlines in South Korea. The company markets itself as the largest airline out of Hawaii and promotes Hawaiian culture and tradition in the livery of the its aircrafts and also offers a number of special offers for various travel deals to Hawaii (Hawaiian Airlines, 2010). In 2009, Hawaiian Airlines set a new record by carrying 8.3 millions to their destinations. The company has operating revenue of $1.183 billion with a net income o of $116.7 million (Hawaiian Airlines, 2010).

The mission statement of the Hawaiian Airlines is “Grow a profitable airline with a passion for excellence, our customers, our people and the spirit of Hawaii”. The vision of the Hawaiian Airlines is “To be the number One destination carrier serving Hawaii”. Hawaiian Airlines also specifies Integrity, People, Achievement, Accountability, Teamwork, Passion and Change (Hawaiian Airlines, 2010).

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