Sample Essay

Recidivism is the act of committing new offences after being punished for a crime. In other words it could be said that the act of repeating an objectionable behavior even they have experienced some kind of negative consequence for it. In simple terms recidivism could be defined as the act or repeating a criminal activity after receiving negative consequences like jail or probation. The reasons for such a high rate of recidivism include lack of rehabilitation and education, employers hesitant in providing them with jobs, not getting proper response from the society etc.

Research has shown that the rate or recidivism is much higher in the youth as compared to other age groups and the reason why it is so high in the youth is because many of the role models of today’s youth glamorize drugs and killing. Also as a matter of fact there is no serious attempt of reforming or educating these people. Another reason for such high rate of recidivism is the deficiency of proper counseling that is missing when these people are in their punishment phase.

The primary objective of this research is to figure out the possible factors that causes recidivism. Analyze the reasons why a person who has already being penalized for committing an offence does it again. And also what is the role of the law enforcement agencies and other concerned authorities in the rehabilitation of such individuals.

After the completion of this research a clear comprehension would be developed upon what leads to recidivism, and what are the internal and external basis of recidivism, how to tackle with this growing phenomenon and what is it impact on the overall society.

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