Sample Essay


Smedley Butler was nothing short of a gifted war veteran. His services were rendered at a time when America was under intense physical strain, ranging from the Spanish-American War, the Philippine War, the battle at Honduras and the resistance in Mexico in late 19th to early 20th century. He proved to be a devout American citizen as a soldier, lieutenant, General and then Major General throughout his “33 years and four months in service” (Butler) and was the most decorated soldier America has ever produced at the time of his demise in 1940 (Shetterly).

He led army men into battle several times, fought with valor and winning a record number of medals in the process, courtesy of his audacious display of camaraderie in World War I. It was not until he retired in 1931 that he started being truly vocal about his humanitarian side, declaring his own war against capitalism and fascist ideologies that according to him were the real reason countries engaged in war in the first place. His credibility as an anti-war spokesman stemmed mainly from his outstanding fulfillment of marine duties.

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