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Essay: The Innocent Child | Term Paper Queen

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The innocent child, who is also the speaker of the song, cannot complain about his condition except weep. The repetition of the word weep emphasizes not only the pain that the child undergoes but also his reluctance to part from his mother who is an embodiment of protection and freedom for him. But the bitter fact of his life is that he has been snatched away of his mother, his freedom, when he was so young that he could not even cry and record his protest.

He has not experienced freedom ever therefore despite his wish to go back to his mother and his freedom; he does not know how to fight the cruelty and injustice of the society. This is an example of the established system of corruption where the victims of injustice are so brought up that they are unable to question the vicious bondage of slavery. He has lost his mother at the very young age, (when I was very young) and thus alienated from the protected lap of his mother with no other choice except slavery as his father ‘sold me while yet my tongue/ could scarcely cry’ (Blake, 2001). The tone of the song is bitter and sad as the song leaves the readers with a feeling of anger over the boy’s misery. The innocence of the boy is compared to a lamb who, ironically, symbolizes a creature without a voice and unquestioned submission. The lamb also stands for Christ. The innocent children, the Chimney Sweepers, are punished with ‘black’ soot and ‘coffins of black’ that symbolizes the bleak condition of the children in which the innocent chimney sweepers are pushed.

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