Sample Essay


Since the advent of the internet and interpersonal networking it was always known that this technology would become a part of our everyday lives. Advertisers and marketers have always tried to find new ways to bring their products to the eyes of the general public. One of the most profitable ways they have accomplished this is by implementing the concept of online shopping. Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce used for business and consumer transaction. In this an individual can buy products from a virtual online marketplace without physically having the need to go to a store.

Today with 1.6 billion users on the internet and 390 million of those users are in Europe internet shopping has become a worldwide phenomenon (Internet World Stats, 2009 ). According to a research study online U.K retail stores earned 42 billion pounds in 2007 with more than 26 million consumers online, a rise of 3500% since 2000      (Mail Online 2007) (Adrian 2008). The profits for the online retail market were 13 times greater than the overall U.K retail sector (Mail Online 2007). This article will attempt to prove a hypothesis regarding how the internet might lead to the closing of high street with the aid of primary and secondary research.

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