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The aim was to run the kingdom according to the word of God even it was to be established by means of arms. The Islamization in Saudi Arabia in 1980s, according to some of the researchers, was a drastic decision that was expected to ‘come back to haunt the monarchy’[1]. Some of the journalists trace the root of the rise of militant Islamists from 1990 when the government of Saudi Arabia asked for help from the United States.

The subsequent opposition of the Islamists was answered with a hard hand by the Saudi government and it was in the ‘prisons’ and ‘torture’ that the Islamist activist became more ‘radicalized’ and went on to ‘violent rebellion’[2]. Many of the analysts see unemployment in Saudi Arabia as the cause behind the participation of the youngsters of the Kingdom in the Jihadist activities. Bahgat, for example, is of the view that as Saudi Arabia earns most of its money from the oil revenues it has failed to generate jobs for the young people who do not have adequate channel for political expressions and thus they have found an ‘appropriate vehicle to express their rage: political Islam’ for which they left their country[3].

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