Sample Essay

The issue of unemployment has become the core issue in today’s world, because economy is dependent on it. Another article supports Cyndia’s thoughts that in the past few months we have lost for about 17,000 jobs. John McCain said, “We are in a difficult time. And we’ve got to act, and we have to do things in order to restore our economy and provide people with jobs and some optimism and hope” (LosAngeles Times 2008). V. Dion Haynes is holding up Cyndia’s article and tells about the unemployment rate that America is a place for job opportunities, and her metropolitan cities have lost those opportunities now.

He also expects this loss rate to be increases in the coming time, even more than the one observed in 2001. But he also expects from Obama government that is predicting the upcoming unemployment problems and economic stimulus. He is looking forward to their anticipation to do some good for the unemployment problem in USA. In Washington too, there has been a great loss of jobs in every field like construction, retail, finance, information technology. Like Cyndia he also sees the crisis in the early 2009. Some strategy needs to be decided through which people can get their field’s job otherwise the unemployment rate will rise up to heights (Haynes 2009). An article by Fred Gaboury affirms that unemployment is huge in surroundings therefore there should be compensations for the unemployed so that they can step ahead in life, he rejects the Bush’s claim about 9/11 incident to be the reason for economy downfall, rather he says that his tax cut ate up all the surplus which resulted in several job-sheds (Gaboury 2002).

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