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Castells however, goes further with the example in “the Kiss” by explain how the inability of the father to communicate even on the most basic level with his daughters, i.e. by giving them an envelope full of money instead of a check and other examples is a representation of how the family has scarcely survived its extremely difficult transition into American culture. Even though they have acclimated themselves to their environment in different ways their understanding of their Hispanic culture has gone into disarray. The revelation of Sofia’s overt sexuality is a direct contradiction to her father’s viewpoint of her as a non-sexual woman (Castells, 2001).

In “a regular revolution” we see how Sofia has living in America has changed her, not only has the American lifestyle exposed her to recreational drug use, it has also introduced her to feminism and its tenants which do not fit in the male dominated Dominican culture.  Luis notes how when she tries to be a passive Dominican woman to her boyfriend Manuel Gustavo, the three sisters put her in a situation where she would intentionally get caught pulling her away from a life she is trying to accept while still maintaining the ways she has left behind (Luis, 2000).

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