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The logistic regression model was employed in order to calculate the probability ratios for the occurrence of schizophrenia. In order to correlate the effects of the infection prenatally with the development of psychosis, the trimester in which the infection took place was taken into account. Other methods were also employed in order to assess the risk factors for pre supposed infectivity (Clarke, Tanskanen, Huttunen, Whittaker, & Cannon, 2009).

Of the recorded 9,596 individuals who were the subjects of this study and the comparison group of siblings composed of 13,808 individuals. The study found that the familial liability for developing schizophrenia was 6.4%. The study also found that there was no correlation between the timing of the infection and the occurrence of the psychotic episode. However, the risk factors for those who had a family history of broadly defined psychotic disorder was much greater than for those who did not. The data also provides evidence to suggest that infection in the first trimester leaves the individual more susceptible to schizophrenia, however with the chosen sample only consisting of two people such a conclusion is hypothetical at best. Additionally, the scientific mechanism for the incidence of the psychiatric disease has also been provided, however such findings are inconclusive (Clarke, Tanskanen, Huttunen, Whittaker, & Cannon, 2009).

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