Sample Essay

If human beings as a species rely on growth throughout our lives, as in when we are born we look inward and as we grow older we look outward. Yet throughout our experiences of looking outward we still have ways and perspectives of looking inward. Whether it be through prayer, insight or perhaps even intuition we use the knowledge we gain from within us to explain the things we encounter outwardly.

Then perhaps is it not apt to say that from nothing we gain knowledge of everything and from everything we gain knowledge of nothing. Following this logic then it would seem that the most ignorant of us would be the wisest, since they are not weighed down by knowledge and know nothing they must also be the most educated of us. Thus, by that contention there is no reason that a farmer cannot rule and cannot rule better than a philosopher king. Because the knowledge required in being a king is not a matter of outward perspective but rather what exists within. In fact it is my contention that a person who knows nothing of being a king and is not weighed down by the issues and customs of court would serve his people far better than one who has knowledge of all such practices. Just as a child would know that the simplest answer to a situation is usually the best one, so would a ruler unhindered by other concerns know the true meaning of what it is to serve his people.

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