Sample Essay

Dell stressed achieving targets above all else and felt that a win for an employee was one for the entire company. By 2004 Dell had become the most profitable PC manufacturer in the world with sales of 49 billion dollars and profits of 3 billion dollars in 2004 alone. This was also the year that Michael Dell stepped down as CEO of Dell, Inc. Though he stayed on as chairman of the board, the presidency of the company and the role of chief executive officer were handed over to Kevin B. Rollins (Singer 2004).

It was during Rollins tenure that shows how two of Dells lessons regarding leadership can be clearly seen. One lesson is that an organizations advantage when used too much can end up its own Achilles’ heel. The other lesson was that in leadership it is important to be trust your instincts but not at the cost of the facts. During Rollins tenure, Dell lost much of its market share to rival Hewlett Packard in 2006. This was due to numerous reasons including a shift in the market from PCs to notebooks which Dell was slow to take advantage of and a battery recall campaign in 2006 which was the largest in the industry at the time. The reasons for the battery recall stemmed from Sony’s manufacturing process which caused the batteries to explode. However, at the time Dell was blamed for the failures within their batteries causing them to lose consumer confidence.

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