Sample Essay


The kingdom of Sweden has one of the most stable systems of economy, law and government in the world. The economy of the country depends on timber, iron ore and electricity. The economical structure of the country is quite attractive for international trade and the sector contains about 90 percent private companies involved in the processing of wood products, manufacturing radio and telephone parts and automobiles. The legal and social condition of the country is quite stable with the people quite satisfied with the legal system and overall policies of the monarchy. The manufacturing processes of electronic items and automobiles offer an attractive market to Light Emitting Diode manufacturers such as Electro-Light. The high demand for Light Emitting Diodes in the Swedish market can be satisfied through local manufacturers and imports from other countries. The penetration strategy will be used in this market to sell Light Emitting Diode products.


The kingdom of Norway is highly dependent on natural resources of oil and gas and petroleum contributes to 30 percent of the entire country’s economy. The constitution of the country is one of the oldest in the world though it has been amended quite a few times. The social and legal environment of the country is quite suitable for international trade as the laws of the country do not affect private companies and international trade immensely. Main exports of the country include petroleum, machinery and equipment, chemicals and fish. Albeit the region of Norway has great potential for the Light Emitting Diode market it has not been explored extensively by manufacturers which will enable Electro-Light to export to this country in monopolistic conditions.

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