Sample Essay

One failing that the movie does have however is in the repeated actions of the main character which in fact allow him to learn certain actions through repetition. Although the story’s depiction of the main character of Sammy Jankis is quite accurate in showing that an individual with this form of Anterograde amnesia is unable to learn new skills. The character of Leonard however in this tale does not seem to have this shortcoming and finds himself able to do his everyday tasks with a level of efficiency that is typically not seen in patients with this form of Amnesia.

Diagnostically however the film is honest in saying there is no cure for this condition. As mentioned before even though medical science has an understanding regarding the mechanism of how short term and long term memory works, they do not have a full understanding of how the lesions caused by various traumas can bring about either retrograde or Anterograde amnesia. However, it should be noted that though this film does create some awareness about the difficulties faced by individuals who are suffering from this disease it does not fully encapsulate how the lives of these individuals are truly affected by this condition.

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