Sample Essay

May it be a coercer, an authoritarian, a pace-setter, a coach or a democratic; a leader remains the one person with the best possible set of attributes and characteristics to lead the followers through the hardships that they face. The leader serves as the head of what is otherwise a body in the form of a mob of people with immense strength as a result of their unity but no direction. This paper shall attempt to shed light on the significant of a leader to the current world in the form of an argumentative essay.

The world is in the need of a leader towards whom it can look in order to acquire a source of motivation and direction.

When elaborating on the necessity of leadership on a global scale, it is only natural that the idea of democracy comes across as one that conflicts with the idea of centralized leadership (Saward 2003). The modern day democratic system as it is observed around the world has evolved into the preferred form of government by societies. However, even this seemingly sophisticated does not provide the modern day world with a definite direction. As a result of the democratic system the interests that hold power waste resources in their conflicts against each other. In sharp contrast, the unidirectional approach that leadership comes in the form of serves to save limited resources by ensuring that resources are channeled towards actions brought about as a result of a pre-decided decision rather than towards a set of processes directed towards the establishment of the decision.

Freedom of speech is often considered to be a fundamental human right that should exist unchallenged and should be exercised without remorse. While freedom of speech is encouraged throughout the world, the freedom of speech and other such basic rights of humanity has given the modern day man far too much liberty than he can handle (Paul, Miller and Paul 2004). A self-bestowed right as small as that of the freedom of speech has caused the generation of untold and immeasurable conflicts through history and as a net result, the freedom has brought more harm than it has brought good. In this regard, the presence of a leader can be considered as the ideal situation where the freedom of speech can be regulated and is therefore its availability is not exploited.

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