Sample Essay

The extent to which organizations and businesses have relied on information system in order to achieve cost-effectiveness and performance has increased tremendously in the last two decades. Government and military organizations, financial institutions and even private business organization now rely on information systems to store tremendous amount of private or confidential information which include employees and customer data, information about on going research as well as the financial status.

Much of this information is also transmitted across networks in order to share it between different departments which may be geographically separated. Should such confidential information leaks and gets into the hand of a rogue country or a competitor organization, the breach of security would not only cause severe loss the business, but could also lead to law suits of even bankruptcy. Hence, the protection of confidential information is a critical business requirement, and in several instances is required on ethical or legal grounds (Bosworth, and Kabay).

Information systems security provides protection to information systems against unauthorized access, use of information, disclosure, disruption of information systems, unwanted modification to system configurations as well as total destruction. Information systems security is based on three principles which confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

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