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The objective of the Literature is to differentiate the study from those similar before it. It wished to establish that this research is to discover the real world implications of diabetic education rather than focusing on its theoretical success. It provides sufficient reasoning and evidence to suggest its validity and congruence with past research studies.

The methodology of the study is based upon a cross sectional design in order to minimize chances of a type II error. The study employed the use of three control groups, one which was given a multiple choice questionnaire, the second involved in a pilot study and the third was a socioeconomic study with voluntary participation. The framework though explained with clarity offers far too many variables to accurately define the phenomenon in question. Though the results provided by the framework are highly indicative and correlate with existing data, the broad limitation of the study severely limit its effectiveness as an effective source of research. Due to the inherently small and unequal samples taken across all aspects of the study it may have been better for the authors to focus more on the qualitative data rather than the quantitative and statistical data provided. Due to the overwhelming variability in this study, I believe that a more focused cross sectional framework is warranted. The framework provided though partially relating to the nursing body of knowledge attempts to integrate information from several other medical practices.

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