Sample Essay

The culture of poverty has proved ‘immune to progress’ and it is not the failures of the Americans that has brought poverty (Harrington). The need to recognize, according to the author of The Other America, the culture of poverty is acute and the call of the time as ‘it profoundly affects how one moves to destroy poverty’ (Harrington). Harrington’s much professed concept of the culture of poverty implies that it is not that people are poor as an individuals owing to their own choice, rather he argues that the poor is the product of society in which they live.

Harrington attempts to arouse public opinion by directing his critique towards them as he blames the ignorant society of the America as the prime responsible for the evil monster (of poverty). He argues that the Americans must be ashamed to live in the rich society along with the presence of the enormous number of the poor. Harrington also warns the American people that if the ‘shame’ and ‘anger’ over the existence of the poor ‘are not forthcoming, someone can write a book about the other America a generation from now and it will be the same or the worse’ (Harrington).

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