Sample Essay

According to Business Sponsorship Incentive Scheme, when a new private supports 1 pound (at least 1,000 pound of support), the government supports 1 pound equality automatically, and for the later support for the same institution, the government shall support 1 pound for each 3 pounds (at least 3,000 pounds this time). And for the aids, the government supports up to 25,000 pounds. This system began in 1984, and in 1995, it has been operated changing name to ‘The Paring Scheme.’

Through this system, art came to receive new support which never have existed before in a hard time, and the money supported in this way contributed the revitalization of arts. However, art industry received financial aids through this system while governmental aid would be reduced as much as the amount of it received from the enterprise. This scheme made a concern that that unstable support is easily changeable by economic fluctuation and circumstances of enterprise would not replace the stable governmental support. However, the government tried to quiet this by emphasizing private support not as replacement of but as supplement for public support. Also, as regardless of the quality of art, support for art that fits the enterprises increased, this system led to the raising questions of balanced development of the entire field of art by giving option in art support to enterprises rather than state having that.

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