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It should also be mentioned that despite public support from the majority towards the legalization of this act. There will be widespread resistance from Muslim Clerics towards any change in law which would overturn the illegality of this action. Given that Muftis have such a high reputation in Islamic culture, that their words can be considered equivalent to the Sharia, it may be doubtful that any such law will be legalized in the near future.

A worldwide study conducted by Bankole, Singh and Haas found that the most common reason for women to have an abortion was because they wanted to suspend childbearing until a later time. The second reason the study found was due to financial and socio economic concerns. Stopping their education and unable to provide support for the coming child as well as poverty, unemployment or being unable to provide schooling for existing children came in second. Other reasons such as relationship problems, or perceptions of women considering them too young for children were also in effect. Married and older women identified having too many children as the primary reason for their abortions (Bankole, Singh, & Haas, 1998).

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