Sample Essay

The presence of limited sensors on the vacuum cleaner represents one source of uncertainty. The vacuum cleaner is required to work a limited amount of data that it receives from these sensors, hence, the vacuum cleaner is prune to make mistake in recognizing the material of the carpet to be cleaner. The limited capacity for data and processing capability that is used to make decision in the expert system of the vacuum cleaner also causes uncertainty.

Due to the capacity problem, only an algorithm with limited capacity can be used for the vacuum cleaner, which may not be capable of taking decision in situations where they may be two options of equal weight available or in a situation where the short term decision which seems to be right may be the path away from the long term goal. The user input is another source of uncertainty for the vacuum cleaner. Due to the limited vocabulary that can be used on an autonomous vacuum cleaner the user may input a command which might require additional information to be fully understood by the vacuum cleaner, however, due to limited intelligence and comprehension of the language that is embedded on to the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner might face trouble in understanding the context of the command. Hence, the vacuum cleaner may end up doing the task similarly every time while the user command required it to be different.

The fourth source of uncertainty comes from the faulty components of the vacuum cleaner itself. Since the vacuum cleaner will only maintain a limited amount of communication with its other parts that actually perform the cleaning, it would be difficult for a vacuum cleaner to actually know if a task has been performed or not if a component of the vacuum cleaner turns faulty. For example, if a reverse command is sent to the wheels of the vacuum cleaner, and if the component does not reply back due to fault, the vacuum cleaner may assume that the command has not been received and may attempt to execute command again several times. This would result in strange behaviour from the vacuum cleaner where it may perform a task repetitively assuming that the command has not been performed , even though the component has received and performed the command every time (Maes 1990).

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