Sample Essay

The real mastery of Walcott lies in the fact that he employs various literary devices to generate meaning out of his verses. The most significant of the devices is that of imagery through which he draws the picture in the eyes of the readers. The nature imagery is drawn by the poet with vividness and detail that enhances the interest of the readers.

The image of a lover’s embarking on the sea generates a sad mood as he realizes as if his ‘island lost in the haze’ as he would ‘never see her again’[1] Furthermore the beautiful image of the sea  recurs throughout the poem and unites the sparse pattern of themes. The sea also symbolizes man’s destiny which is so powerful that it separates one from his loved ones. Moreover it can also be analyzed as a symbol of demise as the sailors or the wanderes who embark on sea have the realization in the back of their minds that they might not return alive. But the image of the sea also represents the divine beauty through which Nature reflects its glimpses or wrath. The sea ‘breeze’ is so ‘fresh’ as if it ‘lifted the lace curtains’[2].

[1] Walcott 222

[2] Walcott 223

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