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The return of the girls every six months to the Dominican Republic further extrapolates the loss of their identity. When Yolanda the oldest of the sisters returns to the island at the beginning of the novel, her cousin Lucinda sees her clothes as those worn by a hippie in comparison to her own which has a more regal tone. Luis talks about Yolanda’s return to her homeland in “Antojos” and how she finds so much of herself, having changed after being in the United States. Not only has she forgotten Spanish and is now relying on English to speak with her family. Her voyage back to the Dominican after 29 years is in many ways a quest for her to discover the roots she has lost.

The word antojo which is the title of and is explained within the tale has two meanings in the Dominican language. The word may refer a hunger for something u may want to eat or perhaps a spiritual necessity which overcomes a person (Luis, 2000).

Castells much like Luis also interprets “Antojo” as an attempt for Yolanda to discover her roots. Unlike Luis however, Castells comments on how much Yolanda sees even her old home as perplexing as the new one she has been whisked away to. The author notes that Yolanda finds herself at a crossroads not wanting to abandon her Dominican heritage and yet no wanting to completely abandon her adopted ways. Castells instead of seeing as Luis that this it is Yolanda’s desire to find solace within her old home and old life sees it as struggle to establish a new identity which incorporates both cultures (Castells, 2001).

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