Sample Essay

The party remains invincible to the end. The very idea of the rise of the proles, said O’Brien, is ridiculous and it becomes evident at the end that the ‘humanity’ lies, ironically, ‘in the party’ only. Winston himself finds to have generated ‘love’ for Big Brother after he has been released from the detention.  There are reasons to believe in the invincibity of the party  as it had extended the net of its power to control the proles.

No matter to what extent is the party vulnerable, the end of Orwell’s story serves to assert the invincible prowess of the party which the ignorant proles fail to challenge. The question of the rise of the totalitarian regime in any state is not as important as the consequences of such systems. As in the novel Orwell refrain from discussing the origin of the regime of Big Brother rather he shows how the regime has resulted ‘in a crushing of the individual spirit of the citizens of Oceania’ (Rehnquist).

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