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The role of genes is also significant in causing autism. As Martha Herbert, a pedriatic neurologist at Harvard Medical School, along with some other researchers attempted to apply the methods of genomics in order to identify genes that could respond to environmental factors as being responsible for the disorder (Szpir.paraphrase). It can not be just in brains the cause has roots in genetic factors as well therefore some scientists also attempt to find an integrated interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Various projects have been commenced to stem the cause of autism and Diana Schendel’s project by the name of CHARGE (Childhood Autism Risk from Gentics and Environment) is one of them and is unique in the epidemiological studies which focuses on autism and puts an emphasis on environmental factors for causing autism (Szpir.paraphrased).

People in the U.S are more aware of the diseases that threaten their health. Therefore some scientists believe that much of the rise in autistic disorder is due to the growing awareness in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or changes in diagnostic criteria, which would suggest that the true pre-valence of disorders has been stable in the preceeding years (Szpir.paraphrase). W. Ian Lipkin, professor of nuerology, anatomy and neurobiology at Columbia University, however disagrees saying that it is premature to say that there is no increase in pre-valence as the studies have been found inadequate to address the issue in its entirety.

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