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The role of Israel in the precipitation of 9/11 attacks was entirely ignored although there had been a ‘genuine concern’ in Israel that ‘sections of U.S opinion’ would blame Israel for the ‘American calamity’ seeing ‘Israeli actions against Palestenians as trigger for the September attacks’ but Sharon shuddered over the issue and renounced any responsibility for the tragedy[1]. There have already been some voices, said Sharon, raised in America to that extent that, if it were not for its relationship with Israel, none of this would have hit New York or Washington but the real battle, according to Sharon, is with extremism emanated from Islam.

The U.S media ‘commenced a fierce assault on Saudia Arabia within a few days of 9/11’, so that ‘the Kingdom and not Israel became the focus of attention in the traumatized U.S’[2]. Not only the Kingdom but the whole society of the country came under the criticism of journalists in the U.S and other Western countries. Saudia Arabia was accused of propagating terrorism and violence against the non-Muslims through education taught in the Madrasas[3] and other public schools. ‘Saudia Arabia has been a part and parcel of the peace process’, said Saud Al Faysal in a meeting at Washington D.C, between Secretary Christopher and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faysal in 1995[4]. The meeting reinforced the vow of the two countries to work in alliance for stability and peace of Middle East.

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