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The e-business model demands a rapid response and adaptation to the changing marketplace and hence efforts are actively being made by companies to adapt themselves to the dynamics of e-business (Li 2007). One of the advantages of E-business is that it allows for the sharing of services and products electronically through the Web. Also, the growth of any organization in today’s world required more than the traditional process of business. It requires innovation and generation of new business from activities (Kidd 2000). Knowledge management enables the rapid sharing of knowledge not only among the staff but also among partners and customer in new and unexpected ways, which not only enables the company to adapt to changes in the business environment more quickly but also encourages creation of new business through increase customer product awareness (Denning 2010).


The purpose of this research is to study and analyze the role of knowledge management in developing E-businesses.

Research Hypothesis

Knowledge Management plays a crucial role in supporting and developing E-businesses of Today.

Significance of Research

This research has personal significance to me because of my interest in the subject of knowledge management. I am also conducting this research because I was inspired by a journal article “Knowledge Management in E-Business and Customer Relationship Management: South African Case Study Findings”. This research will serve as base to my future plan of extending this research to South African companies in which I will perform a comparative study of this research with the newly obtained results.  This research will contribute to the research community, by adding to the literature already available on the Internet or through other sources. It will also be significant to business community as it analyze a practical issue of E-business in the context of Saudi Arabia (Vithal and Jansen 1997).

Sources of Research

This research will be quantitative and will be based on primary and secondary sources. Primary source of information will consist of a survey questionnaire which would be supplemented by interviews of industry professionals. Secondary sources will include books, articles and websites containing and reflecting upon the researches previously conducted on the same topic (Saunders et al. 2007).

Research Questions

– What is an E-Business?

– What is Knowledge Management?

– How does Knowledge Management affect the Development of E-Business in Saudi Arabia?

– How does Knowledge Management affect the Development of E-Business in the United Kingdom?

– What similarities and differences exist between the use of Knowledge Management in E-Businesses of both countries?

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