Sample Essay

. The supervisors can play a vital role in employee motivation at Nucor. The supervisors are the main leaders on the field; they know the workers inside out and they can help in getting the best work out of the workers. Apart from the financial motivation the supervisor can help in setting the objective of the employee, encouraging the employee on a job well done, create an environment of friendship with mutual respect so that the workers would not feel tentative to ask questions. Simple techniques like calling the employee by their name, or wishing them on their birthdays, or embracing on a good job can do wonders as far as motivation is concerned. This could be clear further if we consider this, According to Hutchins a Nucor supervisor “Wherever the bottleneck is, we go there and everyone works on it” (Byrnes, 2006). Now this initiative that the workers are taking in getting rid of the bottlenecks out of the process is due to the motivational factors of the supervisors.

3. The answer would be yes reason being that they are taking good care of their employees. The best thing about Nucor is that they have realized that employees are their biggest and most valuable asset. The employees of Nucor are what Nucor is really all about so they are very much concerned about the satisfaction level of the employees.

Nucor is able to motivate their employee with both the extrinsic factors as well as the intrinsic factors. They are paying well to the workers, bonuses are shared, workers are rewarded on achieving targets and at the same time they are empowering them to make decisions on their own. This is creating loyalty among the employees and eventually all these factors contribute towards the well being of the organization as a whole in achieving their targets as well as maintaining a winning team inside the organization.

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