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The role of the UN during and after Cold war must also be discussed in the context of the duties and responsibilities of an organization of international status as is the United Nations. Keeping the role of an international organization Morris (2007) is of the view that the laws that deal with the conflicts are said to have performed by the ‘jus ad bellum’ that is ‘law towards war’ while the other is ‘the jus in Bello’ that is ‘law in war’[1].

The first one has to make the use of the military action as limited as possible while dealing with the international affairs while the other law neutralizes and minimizes the possibilities of aggressive situations.

The very notion of keeping the peace through an authoritative element was came into existence during the dreadful years of the Cold war. The concept of ‘peacekeeping’ was a kind of ‘compromise’ that resulted through the UN Security Council[2]. The irony associated with the prowess of the United Nations was that the authority granted to the responsible ones of the maintenance of peace was limited to an extreme extent. The failure of the UN has to be associated with their ‘limited’ authority and ‘passive role’[3]. The ironic fact is that their part had become confined to the extent of merely ‘observing’ peace rather than ‘keeping’ it[4].

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