Sample Essay

The issue of maintaining peace and security is not a new one and in the past various factors and aggressive elements have served to disturb the peace of the world. Europe, in specific, was the centre of the conflicts. In the times of the great military leader of Europe Napoleon the solidarity of Europe was challenged. The ‘Concert system’ was formed in order to build up novel ‘machinery’ for maintaining peace and harmony….In the 20th century, however, the League of Nations was formed to maintain peace and security but the precipitation of the Second World War caused its demise. The formation of the United Nations was the evident of the fact that people still possessed strong belief in the notion of ‘an umbrella international organization’ to make the maintenance of peace possible[2].

The role of the UN had been of considerable debate in the past up to the present years. It is stated that the role of the UN in the maintenance of peace is in contrast to the aims upon which the organization was created. The purpose of the United Nations was the implementation of ‘peacekeeping operations’ during the conflicts[3].

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