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The UN, that is an organization of ‘sovereign states’, is dependent upon the mutual consent that these states find between them[1]. Previously various factors created conflicts between the states and they failed to reach the consent on various issues that resulted in disturbing the process of establishing and maintaining peace. But the fatal fact is that the UN has become weak with the passage of time owing to the powerful states which have the right to veto the decisions they despise.

But it would be right to say that the organization was never granted power so as to assure the people of their security. As soon as the Cold war came to an end the number of demands made upon the UN increased and it was demanded by the UN to play its due role in maintaining peace in the world. It is argued that the success of the UN is, says Ghali (1992), that the actors of the UN had ‘a second chance’ to reshape the world according to their desired format for the betterment of the whole mankind[2]. The importance of the role of the UN cannot be ignored in this era but in the past, particularly in the Cold war and ‘post-cold war’ period the role of the UN had been ‘passive’ that caused multifarious damages to the people of the world[3]. However the political analysts are hopeful about the future of the UN as it would help to improve the conditions of peace in the world.

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[2] Same as 29

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