Sample Essay

Henry Cole’s poem “The Roman Baths at Nimes” reflects the feeling of loss and remorse over losing a dear friend. Cole’s use of diction and melancholic tone convey the meaning behind the lines of the poem that is particular to the adroitness of Cole. The rhyming words help to sustain the interest of the readers, for whom it might be difficult to unveil the myth hidden behind the mysterious words but they find their meaning and relish the beauty of the rhyming words. The title of the poem alludes to the great Roman power and Nemesis.

Nemesis has significant historical role in the history of the Roman Empire. Roman city was founded by veterans of the Roman army in Egypt. Roman name of the city was Colonia Augusta Nemeses, later shortened to Nemeses and hence Nemesis. Nemesis was the name of the Gallic god who frequented the ancient sacred spring around which the colony grew up. Nemesis fell after the decline of the Roman Empire by the hands of the Barbarians. The allusion to Nemesis enhances the glory of the poem and the poem gets a classical touch.

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