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Essay: The Root Cause of Schizophrenia | Term Paper Queen

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While it may be true that schizophrenia may have ties to the incidence to disease pre-natally, especially in the first trimester. The data provided is insufficient to ascertain if upper urinary tract infections were truly the root cause of schizophrenia in these cases. It may be more prudent to conduct a long term study into the effects of urinary tract infections which takes the variables suggested into account.

Although, the results of such a study would be subject to limitations as well, the inherent lack of appropriate data in this study does not make it a viable resource to make such a diagnosis. Additionally the conclusions which have been reached by the authors regarding the mechanism of action of this disease would also not be required to be based on supposition if they simply had the opportunity to conduct pathological and biochemical examinations.  The positive and negative syndrome scale can also be employed to ensure viability of the study and allow for differentiation of chronic and acute symptoms.

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