Sample Essay

As a financial service organization, the work responsibilities of a typical worker of Alpha Corporation involves handling and processing information that comes in from various resources that include the customers of the company, its partners, its service providers as well as information for different department.

This information is not only private but also confidential and requires protection from any unauthorized access. It is also important to mention here that not all information is required by all employees, and each employee uses only part of the information that is made available to him or her. Furthermore, the information needs of employees also vary with the hierarchy within the organization, hence employees working at the lower level of the hierarchy may not need information that relates to the strategic matters of the organization while the employees at the top level may not concern themselves with the minutest details of how the business is carried out at the lower level (Peltier 2004).

The lack of information classfication also affects the security goals of Alpha Corporation which are Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Authentication


Confidentiality refers to the goal of preserving restriction on the access of information and disclosure. The lack of classification of information makes it difficult to implement control over who access a part of information, hence it is possible for users to access confidential information as well which could lead to unauthorized disclosure, hence, compromise confidentiality.


Integrity refers to protection of information against modification or destruction by accidental or malicious means. The lack of information not only makes it possible for all the employees of Alpha Corporation to access any information related to business but also modify them at will. This puts into danger the Integrity of the information as any user can accidentally delete files assuming that they are unnecessary. Furthermore, a disgruntled employee may attempt to sabotage Alpha’s position by destroying as much data as possible.


The lack of information classification can lead to information corruption or deletion of information which causes disruption to access of information. Hence, it can be said that the lack of information classification can lead to loss of availability of information as well.


Since, at the moment, Alpha Corporation does not have an access control mechanism in place, there is no way to verify which users have accessed a particular piece of information. This may lead to the failure of authentication, which is one of the key goals of information security at Alpha Corporation.

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