Sample Essay

The selection process should also be adjacent to the requirement of the organization. If the position requires testing it should be done. Well organized criteria for selection in other words means close to being perfect in the recruitment process. A good habit in this regard is to develop a job specification for that particular job position. The job analysis would help in identifying the skills set that the individual must possess in order to succeed. By identifying the skill set that is required for that position, managers can compare it with the KSAO’s ( Knowledge, skills, ability & other factors) of the individual while different testing procedures (Bohlander & Snell, 2009 , p.255).


After the analysis of the whole situation there are few recommendations that I would like to notify.

  • Proper set of requirement should be maintained so that the organization should know where they are lacking in human capital. If these aspects are fulfilled than an organization who is implementing these strategies would benefit in both the short and the long run.
  • After reviewing the performance of an employee identification of the problematic areas should be done so that an organization can easily develop a strategy for its employees.
  • Training and mentoring sessions should be held with the employees in order to improve performance and in this way future chaotic circumstances can easily be avoided.
  • Open discussion should be promoted with the employees so as to get their feedback on the issues that are bothering them. Furthermore, a decentralized environment should prevail in the organization which would definitely benefit the employees and the organization as well.
  • Job description, job responsibilities should be clearly defined to the employee for better results this would also give them a clear definite route to work on.
  • Performance appraisals should be conducted by professionally trained supervisors so that they can paint the real picture of the employee’s performance.
  • If an employee has done a good job they should be properly rewarded both monetary and morally.
  • Selection process should be more formal, organized and structured to promote fresh talent. This would also save cost of the organization that they would have to bear if they choose a wrong candidate.

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