Sample Essay

Museums serve to develop national identity of a nation in the ancient Roman and Greek Empire when the public had the chance to see the ‘spoils of war’ that helped in the victory over the enemy (Okita, 1997, p.132). Nineteenth century was called the ‘age of museum creation’ and it was the time for the surge of ‘nationalism’, therefore in France ‘royal collection of the Louvre’ was the symbol of ‘imperial glory’ while in London, the British Museum became the symbol of ‘imperial genius of Great Britain’ (Okita, 1997, p.132).

The role of museums in a multicultural setting cannot be subsided as the museums mediate between the spectators and the artifacts while serving as a unifying element in the society (Karp & Lavine, 1991, p.14). Therefore the significance of the museums in the societal cobweb is obvious. Moreover multiculturalism has ‘attracted museum attention at both national and international levels’ and it is a threat to the ‘national unity and integration’ of the countries ‘that have to address the issue of cultural pluralism’ (Okita, 1997, p.131-132).

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