Sample Essay

The Starbucks Corporation is a very different company now as when compared to 2009. It combined several marketing strategies with corporate responsibility and environmental consciousness. According the company’s main website Starbucks purpose as a company is to inspire people and connect with them through excellent customer service.            They aim is to achieve this through the quality of their coffee, achieving partnerships within their communities and neighborhoods, embracing diversity and being accountable to their shareholders. Recently they have also endeavored to be more environmentally conscious by understanding environmental issues, striving to buy and sell environmentally friendly products and seeking solutions while integrating environmentally ethical values into the corporate structure of their own and their partners companies.

With recent economic troubles, foreclosure of several stores and increasing environmental concerns the focus of the company has changed significantly within the past year. It has endeavored to now change it business model completely. Now instead of delivering a unified experience through all of its store chains Starbucks intends to deliver a personalized experience through each of its stores. Their new business model is set to “engage” their customers as they never have before and to further integrate themselves as viable parts of the communities where the stores are located.

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