Sample Essay

The story of Yuki starts with Yuki’s nightmare that also stands for her whole life, ‘I can’t see, Yuki thought frantically. I can’t breathe’ (Uchida 3). The story is about the ‘fight’ against ‘poor living conditions, prejudice, the fact that her family has lost almost all its earthly possessions, and her separation from friends and relatives’  (Gerhart and Young 58). The central character, Yuki, has to strive against petty conditions in which she is encircled by the destiny. She hopes to ‘go back’ when ‘war is over’ and when ‘the United States and Japan stop fighting each other’ and when ;hate is gone’ (Uchida 8).

The author makes the themes of familial and communal relationships at the heart of his book therefore relationships are seen in a positive light in the novel. As Yuki’s ‘struggle’ is supported by ‘her close family, her best friend, the friend’s grandmother, and several others’ therefore ‘family tradition and loyalty overcome all problems’  (Gerhart and Young 58). ‘Emi’, ‘Grandma Kurihara’, ‘Stephen Olssen’ are all with Yuki’s family as they have to face the similar kinds of hurdles that serves to strengthen the mutual alliance between them (Uchida 96). The multifarious hurdles and difficulties tend to strengthen the family as well as the bond between the family and community members.

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