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Essay: The Success of Obama’s Healthcare Plan | Term Paper Queen

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In my view the healthcare bill in its present form is a weak attempt by the Obama government to fulfill its promise to the electorate. The bill could have been stronger making a difference for those who are unable to qualify for Medicaid, rather this law instead puts greater burden on the average tax payers instead of making a significant difference for those in need.

The success of healthcare plan hinges on the global economy specially the U.S economy. If Obama is able to rejuvenate the economy and eliminate joblessness, much of the opposition to his healthcare reform will evaporate. Even the opposition on constitutional grounds will lose steam, and ultimately most of the objections will not be raised. If economic situation further deteriorates, most of his plans including healthcare will come under further severe scrutiny. There are grounds of the plan being challenged on constitutional lines, whether it materializes remains to be seen. However, it seems very unlikely that this bill would be repealed.

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