Sample Essay

The A380 Airbus has gained the title of the Superjumbo airplane ever produced in the world. The A380 airbus is manufactured by one of the globally known manufacturers Airbus (SAS). The super-airbus is known to be the biggest challenge to the U.S. based Boeing 747-400. Prior to the rise of Airbus, The Boeing 747-400 has been ruling the aviation industry with its epitomizing models declaring super efficient and reliable flights. However, the A380 has largely impacted the growth of 747-400 via its drastically rising sales in the year 2005.

The A380 personifies the vast experience of Airbus spanning over 3 decades of devoted and genius workmanship. The smart innovation integrated in its new product range is the evidence of Airbus’ quality and originality. The A380 is now widely perceived as the most efficient, profitable and operationally effective aircraft ever built. The A380 Airbus has integrated the latest technological innovations in terms of design, construction and materials. Due to this, the cost of operation per passenger reduces by 15 percent as compared to the competing industry rivals (International).

The aircraft features super reliability and maintainability in terms of its design, integrated technologies, materials used in the manufacturing and will further be augmented through the use of enhanced technologies like an improved onboard central maintenance system and variable frequency generators which is specific in terms of simplifying the outsized aircraft’s electrical producing system.

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