Sample Essay

In relation to whites and blacks who make up 69% and 13% of the American population respectively. The economy and employment remained the top issue among those groups as well with immigration somewhat important. Thus, all communities share the same concerns. The main difference in the Latino community comes from the desire to focus on the main issues while preserving their culture.

The article from U.S news cites the changing views of the G.O.P regarding illegal immigration in the United States. It states that the Hispanic community is gradually moving away from its support of the Republican Party. This is due to its hard line policies on illegal immigration taking opportunities away from hard working members of the Latino community and their children. It also cites a differing reason later on in the article showing that republican failings regarding the economy have been the reason for their lessening support. It goes on further to show what the republicans need to accomplish in order to get the support of this constituency.

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