Sample Essay

The Things They Carried’ was authored by Tim O’B rien who was born in Minnesota. He was against war but he was sent to Vietnam war as an infantery soldier. He is one of those authors who not only attempted to clarify the rationale of the Vietnam war to the soldiers but was successful in his attempts as he reports the events of the war while describing the perils and ups and downs in the war.

He examines the courage of men along with the horrors of the war and how imagination helps one to generate one’s own meaning of truth. The book, ‘The Things They Carried’, is the collection of various stories which cohere with each other in terms of the running theme that the author of the story deals with with his mastery. All of the stories are centered around the lives of the members of a platoon. The interesting thing about the narrator is that he is named Tim O’Brien as the author’s name is also the same. Some stories are about the experience of the platoon in the war while some stories are nostalgic in the sense that the narrator is recalling his experience with his fellows in the platoon.

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