Sample Essay

In the totalitarian government the governing party aims to make the line between illusion and reality so thin that it becomes easy to dupe people, as in the novel the people and the members of the party are disillusioned by the version of reality presented by the party. ‘Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else’, says O’Brien, but only ‘in the mind of the party that is collective and moral.

Whatever party holds to be truth is truth’ (Orwell 249). The totalitarian party forms department for controlling language of the people. ‘Newspeak’ was for compression of language in order to eliminate complex ideas by replacing them with simple ones. In the totalitarian regime it is not that the perception that serves to form one’s belief but the belief that makes one’s perception and perspective to look at the things around him. The party controls ‘past’ hence controls the present and ‘future’, reveals O’Brien during the brain washing of Winston.

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