Sample Essay

The tragedy of the commons is another point which I would argue against. While I would agree with the author’s contention that bureaucratic and personal self-interests are the primary detriments to countries who wish to seek aid in the form of funds or food. I must disagree with the contention that that a well-run organization or government is the best potential stop gap against any disasters which may occur.

While it is true that countries should be prepared for all eventualities which may occur, it does not make such nations infallible and impervious to harm. One example is hurricane Katrina which struck the United States and resulted in millions of dollars in property damage and loss of life. While the United States had measures in place against this form of disaster, the implementation of such measures was done in such a disastrous way that it raised a tremendous public outcry. In fact a report by the Washington Post stated that most of the aid offered by allied nations in terms of funds and manpower to the United States actually went underutilized or was not utilized at all (Solomon and Hsu).

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