Sample Essay

The tragic event of 9/11, 2001 is significant in the history of global politics as it changed the picture of the world. There have been radical changes in almost every part of the world, as various countries confronted the payback attitude of the United States, whereas, some countries had no option but to support the super power in fighting the war on terror.

A war of accusations and disgrace was waged against the Muslim countries by the media. Media war aimed to target various countries, especially the Muslim countries while identifying their links with the terroristic actors. Saudi Arabia was on the hit list of media as the sole responsible of 9/11-Osama Bin Laden belonged to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had to confront criticisms from the media, specifically the American press that played a leading role in damaging the image of Saudi Arabia internationally. For this purpose, the proposed research aims to put efforts for analyzing the image of Saudi Arabia in the American press, especially after September 11 attacks.

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