Sample Essay

The struggles, obstacles and the adventures faced by the author serve to represent the essence of the kind that lived up at the time that he describes. The ups and downs of Katz’s life that involved his rise in the career and fame with the overburdening debts that led to his dishonor and subsequent decline are drawn vividly by the author.

The interesting thing about the author is his self praise in the prologue of the book where he says, ‘surely Heaven must have blessed me because even in the midst of my errant ways I helped people out, giving money’  and ‘rescuing them from difficulties’.  The book is an account of a Samurai who looks back to his life and reflects on the role of a Samurai warrior in the absence of war and his survival under a modern government. The author is found honest in telling his life story to the extent that he also admits his mistakes and shows his grief over the things he had done in a wrong way as he warns the readers of his story to ‘read carefully what I have set down and take it as a warning’. The book portrays the life of Koki chi spent in ephemeral pleasures and mischief but the readers also espy the workings of Japanese society, values, economy and relationships.

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