Sample Essay

There are three themes which can enforce the demonstration of significance of the geological application of remote sensing. Themes elaborates various mapping in used by the geographers to attain the objectives in geological studies[1]. Here are the themes that are relevant and applicable to the GARS.

Lithological Mapping theme

This is a theme designated and focuses on improving structural and lithological mapping in tropical environments through integration existing information with multisensor data collected. This is mostly undertaken in Africawhich is scientific in nature that enhances to field control of satellite imagery and image processing[2]. The aim of lithological mapping theme is to improve the lithological interpretation, mineralization and structure of the Ubendian and Kibaran fold belts inAfrica using advanced remote sensing technology. In addition to that, it also focused on the determining the spectral properties of geologic materials by radiometric measurements.

[1] Wilson, Carson. 1995, “Geological remote sensing”, ITC Journal, vol.4, pp. 227

[2] Fredrick, Kuehn, 2000.  Introductory Remote Sensing Principles and Concepts. Pp. 200

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