Sample Essay

The main point of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop in his thesis was that the antique Egypt, Ethiopia, and suburbs are famous for playing a great role in the development of world in science, mathematics, and other advancements. Dr. Diop just gave the idea of African origin in all that. He wanted Africa to become the king of the history once again (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

His wretched struggle was to make Africans free of tears that reached out as a cultural hostility done with them. Diop’s struggle was scientific, historic, and ideological as well. The most interesting fact is that most of the European African Schools rejected his theory without even viewing it once. The danger of black researchers was felt by them. They were afraid that those Africans would unveil all the facts which they have been hiding from centuries (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

He disproves the prerequisites of Egyptians as white as Greece. They do not admit the origin of them as black. An umbilical cord is evidence which is given by Dr. Diop in his thesis which connects the Egyptians to their black continent Africa. Again the Egyptian contact with the pharaonic kingdom does not fit in to a continent with old, primitive features (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

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