Sample Essay

Thomas F. Jackson, the author of this book, is Associate Professor of History at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. On his credit there are several other publications that distinguish his character, his thoughts, his credibility and above all his contribution towards the society of American history.

 Apart from the mentioned book, He has written other scripts like ‘The Civil Right Movement’, ‘The Kenner Commission’, ‘The State, the Movement and the Urban Poor: The War on Poverty and Urban Mobilization in the 1960s’. Jackson has won several academic awards and has visited fellowships also. Some of his work which is under process includes: “Jobs and Freedom: The Black Revolt of 1963 and the Contested Meanings of the March on Washington.” and “American Gandhi: Martin Luther King, Jr., the Freedom Movement and American Political Culture.” Jackson still possesses a lot of writing material which is under process and is soon going to be for scholars and individuals who seek to study history.

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